Promotional campaigns

Another of the main functions of the Regulatory Council is its promotional and informative role towards professionals, the media, and end consumers about the characteristics that make the product different.

Our promotional campaigns focus on transmitting a brand image of the Sidra de Asturias PDO that serves as an umbrella, as a seal of guarantee, to the various brands of cider makers that are granted this differentiated quality mark. These tasks have made it possible to market ciders with the designation of origin not only throughout the region and Spain but also in international markets.

A number of promotional activities take place every year, which we can summarise as:

  • Summer Natural Cider Promotion.
  • Natural Sparkling Cider Promotion.
  • Sidra de Asturias PDO Fair.
  • Regional Championships of Escanciadores.
  • Other promotions: tasting sessions, showrooms, gastronomic and cultural events, etc.

The Regulatory Council also has a Communications Department, which pays special attention to the media by providing them with all the necessary information and documentation, answers any queries and ensures a transparent and direct channel of communication.

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