The escanciado arouses the interest of any tourist and is considered an iconic image of Asturias. This arises with the intention of simulating the action of spiking the barrel in the llagar.

To awaken the carbon and achieve the freshness of its flavor, traditional natural cider must be served using a very particular technique, escanciado, which requires considerable skill and precision.


A good raw material and its treatment is important to achieve a good result. It is necessary for the establishment to store the cider in a bottle and when it is going to be served, its temperature is between 12 and 14ºC.

For decades, pourers have managed to bring traditional natural cider to the highest point of quality with their technique. With this

This technique significantly improves the flavor and aroma of this type of cider.

Specific glasses should be used for this, cider glasses, with a glass thickness as thin as possible and the amount of cider poured (culete) should not be less than 100 ml.

The escanciado involves adopting a straight posture, holding the bottle high above the head and the glass tilted below the waist, in the center of the body, so that the stream of cider must be straight and fall on the edge of the glass, awakening the best qualities of this refreshing drink.

Once poured into the glass, this is called a “culete”, it should be drunk immediately and continuously to enjoy the taste of the bubbles that have been vitalized by the escanciado

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