General Rules


Information available to the public

The Certification Department makes the following documentation available to farmers and producers:

  • Sidra de Asturias PDO Certification Procedure (PR-01)
  • Brand Usage Procedure (PR-04)
  • Product Verification Procedure (PR-05)
  • Non-Conformance Verification Procedure (PR-06)
  • Applicable Economic Rates (TEA)
  • Technical Instruction for Trademark Registration (IT-03)
  • Technical Instruction for Audit Phases (IT-04)
  • Technical Instruction for the Inspection of Plots of Land (IT-05)
  • Technical Instruction for Notifications and Declarations to the Regulatory Commission. (IT-06)
  • Chapter 2 of the Quality Manual: “Quality Policy and Commitment”
  • Chapter 8 of the Quality Manual: “Complaints and Appeals”
  • Enrolment and Certification Request (SIC)
  • Request to Register Plots (SIP)
  • Minimum Self-Monitoring Programme (PAM)
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